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Tickets For Harry Potter Studio Tour Go On $ale

October 14th 2011 in Perez

This is your chance to see all the beautiful sets that created the magic of Harry Potter!

The official “Making of Harry Potter” studio tour will take place on a reassembled aerodrome near London where a collection of all the sets from all eight films will be gathered.

The tour is set to open on March 31, but tickets have already gone on sale. Fans will get the chance to see Hogwarts, the Dursley home, Dumbledore’s office, Harry’s cupboard, as well as over 150,000 square feet of authentic sets, props and studios.

Tom Felton spoke about the sets:

“I get shudders down my spine every time I walk back in there. Immediately, as soon as you go back it just fires up a decade’s worth of memories.

I remember the first time I went in there – it was on camera. (Director) Chris Columbus specifically didn’t want us to see it before filming, because we were only 11-year-old kids. So, our reaction when we walked in there was pretty much genuine.

And if the work dries up, we can always come back and be tour guides.”

Ha! We doubt that will happen any time soon for you, Tom.

This tour sounds incredible! We want our tickets NOWWWWWWW. To get them yourself, CLICK HERE. And don’t forget to tell us what it’s like!


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