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Things Are "Serious" Between David Arquette And New Girlfriend

January 18th 2012 in Perez

That’s a direct quote from the Scream star himself.

This weekend, David Arquette and his new GF, Christina McLarty, made their red carpet debut at the Art of Elysium Heaven Gala in L.A. When cornered, the pair had only glowing things to say about their relationship and the future ahead of them

A wide-grinned David told reporters, “We’re serious, but we’re having fun.” Meanwhile, Christina adds that they are “enjoying the moment, especially ones where they find themselves on the same coast. She’s a New Yorker; he’s firmly planted in L.A. But the lovebird are making it work, as Christina explains they are on a strict “no more than two weeks [apart] rule.”

Wow! A bi-coastal relationship. And you guys are just starting out? That’s going to be a tough one to keep up. Hope you’re able to keep to the strict rule of yours.

Oh, and how does Courteney Cox feel about this we wonder?

[Image via WENN.]


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