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The Kardashians Fight Bullying, Extreme Makeover Style!

November 30th 2011 in Perez

Michael Moloney is opting to take on anti-bullying efforts.

Extreme Makeover style!

On Friday December 2nd, Moloney will host a special Extreme Makeover: Home Edition focusing on anti-bullying.

Carl Joseph-Walker Hoover took his own life because of bullying and the Walker family will be highlighted on the show.

The 11 year old committed suicide in the house.

Moloney, an avid and active LGBT community member whisked the family away from Massachusetts to L.A. for a surprise.

Their suprise: The Kardashians.

Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney hosted the family and oversaw an Anti-Bullying rally.

Demi Lovato and other celebs were in attendance as well.

When the Walkers returned, Moloney had completely renovated their home!

Check out the video above and see the Kardashian suprise!


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