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The Incredible Poop-Powered Toilet Bike of Japan!

October 7th 2011 in Perez

So yeah! THIS happened!

Check out this AMAZING new advertisement from Japanese toilet maker Toto, featuring, that’s right, the world’s first Toilet Bike, which can apparently convert human POOP “harvested directly from the driver” into BIO-GAS (above)!

Not only does it do that, though! It also can “play music” and “harness residual light imagery to write messages in the air as it passes by!”


Apparently, however, one CANNOT drive the bike and poop simultaneously!

So we guess you just have to pull over and use the toilet on the side of the road then?! Doesn’t seem very practical!

All right. We can’t write about this anymore!

Nor would we want to be riding behind this on the road!



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