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Snooki to Ex-Boyfriend Emilio — I TOLD You to Keep Your Dirty Mouth SHUT

March 5th 2012 in CGE

Before Snooki’s ex-boyfriend wished death upon her unborn fetus, the “Jersey Shore” star took preemptive measures to make SURE he never badmouthed her — in the form of a nasty legal threat — but clearly, the guy wasn’t intimidated.TMZ broke the…


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Looks like Ozzy, Jack, Kelly, and Sharon are getting another dose of primetime TV!
The Osbourne clan has teamed up with Canadian studio Cuppa Coffee for their upcoming animated series, The F’n Osbournes.
We must say…we LOVE the title of this cartoon!
The F’n Osbournes is shooting for 20 episodes and will be shopped around in April. [...]

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It’s time for a Madonna Therapy sesh!
It seems like our fair Madge is letting some issues loose in her new album, MDNA.
Her anger at former husband Guy Ritchie someone “unknown” fires in full force in the track Bang Bang:
“Bang bang, shot you dead/Shot my lover in the head/Now my lover is dead/And I [...]

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