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Russell Brand — Zero Luck in Face-Off with Cops

January 26th 2012 in CGE

Cops showed no mercy for Russell Brand moments ago in L.A. — pulling the newly single actor over in his shiny new Land Rover … and handing him a fat ticket.It’s unclear what the citation was for — but hey, at least his car is really nice.

Russell Brand — Zero Luck in Face-Off with Cops


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And when we tell you there was literally NOTHING else on to watch. Almost every network cancelled their programming for the evening to make way for the President’s address … and STILL he couldn’t get the numbers he needed.
That’s a whomp, whomp situation right there!
Though down 12% from last year (and 21% from his first [...]

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His new show, Touch, raked in 12 million viewers during its early preview, scoring a very impressive 3.9!
Touch retained 61% of American Idol viewers, making it the best dramatic retainer after Idol… like, ever.
Good to know Keifer can still touch so many with his acting… bet he’s celebrating [...]

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