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Rachel Maddow Fears Marriage Will Actually Threaten Gay Culture

The MSNBC host isn’t in any rush to get married. In fact, she’s worried about it for gay culture!

Rachel Maddow, never one to beat around the bush, recently revealed:

I feel that gay people not being able to get married for generations, forever, meant that we came up with alternative ways of recognizing relationships. And I worry that if everybody has access to the same institutions that we lose the creativity of subcultures having to make it on their own. And I like gay culture. [My girlfriend and I] know a lot of people who have gotten married, but I don’t think we feel any urgency about it.

That’s cool. She doesn’t have to get married if she doesn’t want to. Nobody should get all Diddy on her and saying, “marry or die.”

BUT! That doesn’t mean others don’t want to get married. So obviously we’re still hoping it becomes legal everywhere. This isn’t about gay culture. It’s about equal rights. being denied…

It’s nice that creativity has been able to birth other examples and acts of commitment, but creativity doesn’t die with marriage. We hear that’s only sex!

[Image via Mark Wilkins/WENN.]

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