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Penelope Cruz Loves To Rap When She’s At Home

May 19th 2011 in Perez

Cruz Raps At Home

LOLz! Who would’ve guessed?? Not us!

We would be sure she likes to sing when at home with her young son Leo, just like any mom would like to sing to their child.

Apparently, though, the beautiful 37 year old actress loves to rap in her spare time at home as well, karaoke style, but she only knows one song:

“I’m one of those people who do it by themselves. I’m not embarrassed to say it. I like to rap but only know one song. The Eminem one, ‘Two trailer park girls go round the outside, round the outside.’ “

Ha! And we DEF wouldn’t have guessed that song out of all the rap songs out there! We bet that makes Em pretty proud!

We wonder if she goes hard on it and does it justice?? Only one way to find out — give us a youtube clip, Penny!

Love finding out things like this!

Wouldn’t U want to hear that??

[Image via WENN.]


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