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One Direction’s Zayn Malik: Best Interview Ever!

October 12th 2012 in Perez

If you thought One Direction’s potty party interview was nothing short of AH-Mazing, then just wait until you hear this one!

DJ Rush from Ottawa’s Hot 89.9 show had a radio interview set up with 1D’s Zayn Malik… but things didn’t quite go as planned!

After a publicist ran down a list of questions the DJ couldn’t ask Zayn, he then came up with some of his own!

Check out the clip of the call (above) in all of its HIGHlarity!

LOLz! Quite possibly the best One Direction interview thus far!!

However, it seems 1D’s team was quick to clear things up — it’s not that the questions were “out of bounds,” it’s just that the boys were getting sick of the same q’s over and over!

Hmm… that’s understandable!

Now, if only every question could be as original as the ones from the backstage bathroom interview with Radio 1’s cheeky Matt Edmondson! Ha!


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