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One Direction Inspires Surprise Wedding Dance!

September 13th 2012 in Perez

Awww this is simply TOO adorable!

There’s nothing that quite says, “I’m hopelessly devoted to you” quite like risking embarrassment through song and dance in front of everyone you know…

Which is exactly what brave Montreal Groom Sunjay Mathews did at his August 25th wedding reception, when during a thoughtful speech he busted out into a amazeballz performance of One Direction‘s What Makes You Beautiful (above)!

Impressive singing, those perfect, boyband moves, the fact that someone took the time to plan the creative surprise and then executed the plan SO sweetly… that Bride of his is one lucky lady in love!

Cute to the utmost max guys, and may your adventure through life as husband and wife be just as thrillingly FUN!


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