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Mindy Kaling Will Return To The Office For One Last Episode

July 23rd 2012 in Perez

Mindy Kaling is trying her best to keep Office fans from feeling abandoned.

The comedy writer / actress is leaving the show to be the next Tina Fey act and star in her own new comedy The Mindy Project — but Kelly’s not a goner just yet!

The actress reveals:

“I’m headed back for — I think I’m going to be in the premiere, and maybe another episode.”

Mindy admits she “got attached” to her Office character, Kelly Kapoor, which made it impossible to show without shooting an episode that explains her departure.

So, what is happening to her?

Mindy teases:

“I’ve always thought that Kelly was probably the one on ‘The Office’ who was the most into reality television, [maybe she'll] move to L.A. under some feeling that she would become a big star, and it would all blow up in her face.”


That would be a fab ending to Kelly, but we have a feeling that’s not how it’s gonna go down. Our guess her departure has something to do with that seski new BF she got at the end of last season.

We’ll just have to wait till next season starts to see whose predictions are true!

[Image via NBC]


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