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Megan Hilty Mushes Our Brains With Smash Deets!

We have imbibed the Smash kool-aid and are thirsting for MORE!!

And how Smashing!

Megan Hilty has released SO many sneaky Smash season two info-bees, our brainz are all abuzz!

The Broadway almost-Bombshell dished on all the theatrical dramedy’s recent changes, from cast switch ups and newly added showrunner Josh Safran, to potential plot points and her desire to musically battle it out with Jennifer Hudson!

Check out some juicy Megan Hilty provided Smash revelations …AFTER THE JUMP!

On Josh Safran:

“I had lunch with him a couple weeks ago and he’s got a really great energy and fantastic ideas for all the characters. He knows these characters very well. His ideas were great so I’m excited to see what actually goes through.”

On Ivy’s future:

“I can’t really give too much away, but I hope Ivy gets something that she can be happy about, something she can celebrate and not feel insecure about. It doesn’t matter how brief it is, just if she has a moment of happiness, maybe even a new boyfriend would be fantastic. Josh is really open to all of our ideas; he really wants the show to be a big collaborative process. A lot of the songs I’ve pitched to him, he’s gotten really excited about so hopefully some of those will be in there. One that I would really like to do is a Robyn cover, “Dancing On My Own,” but with a totally different arrangement. He got really excited about that since he worked with her on Gossip Girl.”

On new characters:

“I feel like you can only do that [scheming thing] for so long. Ivy is going to have some changes coming her way, so hopefully she’ll learn how to deal with these new faces because the way she was dealing with people before with the sleeping pills just wasn’t quite working. I’ll be back — spoiler alert! (Laughs.)”

On Jennifer Hudson joining the cast:

“I hope we have an angry duet, I’d like to really duke it out with her (laughs). I just got the script for the first episode and all the music they picked, there’s going to be a lot more music; there’s at least four songs in the first episode and they’re all really great. If they keep that up, it’s going to be a great season. If I know anything about Ivy, other people’s success is a threat to her, especially the women in the business. So if I had to guess, I’d have to say that they probably don’t get along very well (laughs).”

On Ivy and Karen’s relationship and when season two will begin:

“It will pick up a couple weeks after the finale. [Ivy sleeping with Dev is] going to be a tough one for them to get over. It’ll be really interesting to see how they become friends again. Through everything, they’re always going to come back together again and then split apart. That’s the great thing about having a rival on a show, that rollercoaster.”

On a Bombshell rival musical:

“Absolutely. It’s exciting, that’s actually a great representation of what actually happens in the Broadway community and that will be a really fun thing to watch: the development of another new musical.”

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