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LeAnn Rimes’ Twitter Harassers Are ‘Ready’ To Battle In Court

August 31st 2012 in Perez

It appears that LeAnn Rimes will indeed be the first celebrity to take a Twitter feud to court!

The country singer has accused high school teacher Kimberly Smiley of cyber bulling her, and is suing Smiley for secretly recording a heated phone conversation they had in March and posting it on the internet.

Despite the $25,000 the Northern California native says she’s not backing down, and he’s gathering support from other Rimes “harassers.”

Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, a professional film scorer and co-LeAnn hater, told our source:

“We are ready and willing to go to court to prove there is not one single edit in either the ‘snippet’ OR the full 20-minute tape … I gave Mr. Stein [Rimes' lawyer] our information so that he could contact us when he was preparing his lawsuit to prove that LeAnn Rimes has been the victim of bullying and illegal activity.”

So… Mz Jaramillo doesn’t seem to understand what her sister in LeAnn hatred is being sued for.

Though LeAnn HAS made claims that Smiley edited the audio tape of their conversation before throwing it into the interwebs, she the suit ONLY deals with the fact that she taped the convo in the at all. Editing a tape in the state of Cali is perfectly legal, but wire tapping a phone is NOT!

As confused as she may be, we think it’s best LeAnn and her legal team take not of Jaramillo’s threats. Having scored some pretty big movies — including Steven Spielberg‘s films The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Amistad, and Saving Private Ryan — she’s bound to have some friends in high places!

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