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Kelsey Grammer Wedding #4 — Batter Up!

February 25th 2011 in CGE

Filed under: Kelsey Grammer, Kayte Walsh, Camille Grammer, Beauty

Here’s Kelsey Grammer and his latest wife Kayte Walsh at their wedding today ( left ) — and Kelsey and his third wife Camille Grammer back on their wedding day in 1997 ( right ). ‘Til death do us part … or something like that.

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Thank god. Hopefully, it was worth the wait.
Kelsey Grammer’s rep has just confirmed to sources that Kelsey officially tied the knot with his girlfriend Kayte Walsh in New York this afternoon at the Longacre Theatre.
The couple held a “private ceremony” in the venue where only a year earlier, Kelsey was performing in the revival of [...]

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