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Jonah Hill Is Giddy! Gets To Work With Hannibal Buress On New TV Project!

October 12th 2011 in Perez

While it hasn’t been the best of weeks for Jonah Hill, this is definitely some good news for him!

His wish to work with comedian Hannibal Burress has come true! The two now have a new tv baby in the works together.

Fox has picked up a project to be written by Jonah and Hannibal.

Burress, a love of stand-up whose writing credits include SNL and 30 Rock, will also star in the upcoming series.

Jonah excitedly says:

From the first time I saw Hannibal perform, I started banging down the door to be the person to help guide his unique voice and material to television. I feel lucky he chose me and my bosses at Fox.

Aww, good for them! This seems like just the thing they can both thrive on. BOY TIME!!!

[Image via WENN.]


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