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How Nice! Anthony Bourdain Goes To Haiti, Visits Sean Penn

anthony bourdain visits sean penn in haiti

Look like Sean Penn is making new buddies left and right!

On tonight’s premiere of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain travels to Haiti, and visits Sean Penn in his “tent city.”

Here’s what Bourdain says about it in the episode’s intro:

“We’ve shot a lot of places around the world. This is one of the places of the world where the people are the most hostile toward the camera. They do not want to be on camera.”

We wouldn’t worry about it too much, Anthony. We have a feeling that Sean Penn’s got your back!

Hope it was a lovely trip, and hope you two had a nice time together!

Will U tune in to see Anthony Bourdain’s Haiti episode of No Reservations?

[Images via WENN.]

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