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Fight For Your Right To Segway In Disneyland!

July 21st 2012 in Perez

Judges have ruled that all ‘mericans have the right to Segway!

Now it’s law. No one — not even Mickey Mouse — can keep you from floating down the street on a the two-wheeled contraption.

This ruling comes after a woman who suffers from muscular dystrophy, one Miz Tina Baughman, took Disneyland to court for not letting her use a Segway in the theme park.

The Chief Judge of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals wrote in the court’s decision:

“As new devices become available, public accommodations must consider using or adapting them to help disabled guests have an experience more akin to that of non-disabled.”

That sounds fair to us — as long as the person is disabled!

We all know how much lazy tourists hate exercise lurve their Segways.

We’d hate to see the parks filled whole families flying by on the 12.5 mph device!

[Image via ABC.]


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