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Ex-NY Housewife Alex McCord Trying To Get A New Reality Series But Calls Real Housewives A Trainwreck Faux Reality Show!!

January 18th 2012 in Perez

Welp! Ya can’t say she isn’t determined!!

After the embarrassing firing from Real Housewives of New York, Alex McCord and hubby Simon van Kempen were said to have begged Andy Cohen for their spots back on the “trainwreck” show.

Obviously that was a big, fat FAIL! But they’re not stoppin’ there!!

Oh no, now they’re apparently emailing friends with a new idea to get their own reality series on the air.

Calling Real Housewives a faux of a show, the email reads:

While we were sad to lose the dollars, we weren’t sad to be off that particular show. Now that we are free-and-clear of our Bravo contracts, we have been meeting with just about every cable network as well as a couple of the main networks. We would never expose ourselves to another faux reality show.

But when asked if they’d let Bravo accept their pitch for Based in Brooklyn, Alex said:

I don’t know. I hadn’t. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t, it’s not just me either if we did this it would be Simon and me together.

LOL!! Well with strong words like the ones in the supposed email, we HIGHly doubt Bravo would wanna touch that!!

[Image via Flashpoint/WENN.]


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Well damn. We were really hoping the rumors weren’t true. They have so much to stay together for, starting with those two kids of theirs.
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