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Dustin Lance Black And Team Open Up About Prop 8-Themed Broadway Play!

Sounds like this will be something truly special!

Last month, we heard all about Dustin Lance Black’s new play 8, which focuses on the federal case challenging Prop 8!

We’d heard that the play would premiere as a Broadway benefit reading for one night only on Sept. 19th in NYC. We also heard it would feature an A-list ensemble cast including Morgan Freeman, Marisa Tomei, Anthony Edwards, Rob Reiner, John Lithgow, and Bradley Whitford….AND Matt Bomer & Cheyenne Jackson playing husbands!

Now, the play about the Prop 8 case opens in less than a week, and everyone seem VERY excited about it!

Here’s what president of the American Foundation for Equal Rights Chad Griffin had to say about the play:

“We’re very lucky that we were able to assemble actors that can amplify and show what actually happened in that courtroom. It’s made for the stage.”

And here’s what Dustin Lance Black himself had to say about his play:

“I wanted to make it fair. I wanted to bring both sides’ best argument. If anything, I think it’s overly fair to the opposition.”

But it gets better! The American Foundation for Equal Rights and gay-rights group Broadway Impact are saying that they’ll license Black’s play 8 to schools and community organizations “in order to spur action, dialogue and understanding. Dozens, it says, have so far asked to stage their own productions.”

SUCH great news! We’re absolutely THRILLED that this play is getting so much attention/love, and we think it’s fantastic that the play will make it schools/organizations all over the country!


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