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Clay Aiken Ignites A Twitter Feud With Country Singer John Rich Over RNC Joke

August 29th 2012 in Perez

If Celebrity Apprentice really does follow in the footsteps of Dancing With The Stars and has an all-star season, we hope these two join the cast!

Thanks to a Republican National Convention joke, Clay Aiken ignited a Twitter feud with country singer and Celebrity Apprentice winner John Rich on Tuesday night. The American Idol alum tweeted:

Playing drinking game with my brother now. We drink every time we see a black person on screen at the RNC convention. #soberasamormon

— Clay Aiken (@clayaiken) August 29, 2012

Mr. Rich did not find the joke “racist comments” to be very amusing and responded with:

@clayaiken:@cowboytroy We drink every time we see a black person at the RNC//CLAY! You should be ashamed for racist comments like THAT!WOW.

— John Rich (@johnrich) August 29, 2012

After challenging Clay to remove the post and reassuring the singer that he was “better than that”, Rich added:

And to finish it off, @clayaiken hashtags soberasamormon? I thought your charity was for inclusion, not EXCLUSION. What happened?

— John Rich (@johnrich) August 29, 2012

That’s when Clay decided to strike back with this clever comeback:

My charity is. Why isn’t your party? ;-) @johnrich: @clayaikenI thought your charity was for inclusion, not EXCLUSION. What happened?

— Clay Aiken (@clayaiken) August 29, 2012

Oh snap!

Ultimately, the entire basis of the exchange is kind of silly to us. It sounds like Clay was initially accusing the GOP of being racist, which is why there wouldn’t be very many African Americans attending their convention, but then John went ahead and accused Clay of being racist for daring to joke about possible racism within the conservative political party.

So based on John Rich’s logic, we’re afraid we may have just said something racist. LOLz!

We’re just so confused! Let us know (below) if U think Clay Aiken’s comment was actually racist or if John Rich is just offended because of the jab at the GOP!

[Image via WENN.]


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