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British Prime Minister David Cameron Hates On Katy Perry

Right, because she isn’t getting enough of that lately from another British dude!

British Prime Minister David Cameron slammed Katy Perry hard in a recent interview when he called her music “appalling.” Apparently, his children are big fans of the puuuurefect pop star, while’s more in tune with Band of Horses and Lana Del Rey. Still, despite his distaste for his music (as well as the stylings of Bruno Mars), he admits her songs are “beginning to infect my iPod”.

Oh! You are one of those! You know — a poser!

Yeah, sure! We’ve seen it before. People who think they have to uphold a certain image, so they give a thumbs down to anything they don’t deem cool, but secretly love all the same.

Whatever, Prime Minister. You know Firework is your jam. Roll the window down in your car and belt it out!

[Image via WENN.]

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