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Bethenny Frankel Still Tunes Into Real Housewives?

Gurl may be preoccupied with her new talk show, Bethenny, but that doesn’t mean Mz. Bethenny Frankel doesn’t indulge in some Real Housewives dramz!

The former NY Real Housewife recently admitted that although she doesn’t watch it religiously, she still sometimes catches up on the show!

Bethenny revealed:

“It’s not anything against them. I’ve been busy planning the talk show and kind of doing my own thing. It was a long time ago.”

True that, gurl, true that! Upwards and onwards, we say!

Though she gave props to the reality show launching her into stardom and is grateful for the experience, she believes she’s in a “different place” now.

As for her thoughts on how the show is now, as compared to when she was on it?

Frankel stated:

“It’s a totally different show than when I started. It was just about women who had children and were married and it was kind of more fun and playful. Then it got crazy. Then it got really crazy and it was a different show.”

Cray cray indeed! Uh…Morocco trip, anybody?!

We don’t blame Bethenny for wanting to step away from all the dramz — especially this past season when Jill Zarin, Alex McCord and Kelly Bensimon were all fired!

Bethenny continued:

“I wish Jill the best. I wish Kelly the best. Honestly, it was an experience that I’ll never forget and the year with the first five of us is definitely very nostalgic. It makes me feel old and that feels like freshman year in high school.”

Those were the days! Guess everybody has to graduate eventually, right???

We wish Bethenny and the other ladies the best for their futures!!

Check out Bethenny when it airs weekdays on your local Fox station!

[Image via WENN.]

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